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Lime/White Clay/Xylitol Organic Toothpaste Gel  on sale

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Lime/White Clay/Xylitol Organic Toothpaste Gel
Ref# CPA253 | 75ml | $7.98 Sale: $3.59 (55% off) |  On Order

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Ingredients: Glycerin, organic Citrus Aurantium aqua, aqua, silica, Xylitol, Sorbitol, decyl glucoside, Kaolin, Citrus grandis, xantan gum, sodium benzoate, Citrus aurantifolia, limonene, citral.

Made in France

Certified organic by Ecocert. Tested and recommended by dentists.

Colorants free, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate free, Paraben-free, Sugar free

Not tested on animals, No animals by-products

Xylitol is extracted from birch bark (how more natural can it get!?) and has anti-cavity and enamel strengthening properties. Sorbitol is another sugar alcohol which fights plaque. Both are natural and safe sweeteners and provide very few calories compared to regular sugar. They protect your teeth and make them stronger.

This new Magic toothpaste keeps your teeth and gums healthy, free of bacteria and decay thanks to the antibacterial grapefruit seed extract, Lime essential oil and anticavity Xylitol, a unique plant derived tooth-friendly sugar. Choose natural power for beautiful and whiter teeth and healthier gums, day after day. Can be used with homeopathy treatment.

The new gel toothpastes are presented in a new easy to use pump tube and are free of fluoride, paraben and colorants.

Regular use helps to protect against plaque build-up, to purify the oral cavity from bad bacteria and viruses and naturally whitens the teeth.